CF&S Transporting 50 Sampo Harvesters by Rail

CF&S were recently awarded the transport of 50 Sampo harvesters with headers from Pori in Finland to Shirvan, Azerbaijan.

CF&S Sales Director, Daimar Truija comments; “Due to lack of private railway platforms and the slow arrangement of railway schemes in Finland, transporting via Estonia is becoming more and more competitive compared to direct railage from Finland.”

CF&S transport the harvesters by trucks from Finland to Paldiski Port in Estonia where they are reloaded to railway platforms and sent to Azerbaijan by rail. Daimar continues; “The advantage of using Paldiski as a hub for transporting oversized goods from Finland to CIS countries and Russia is not only smoother and easier but also a cheaper solution”.

CF&S currently owns 140 x 80ft-long railway platforms, 40 x 60ft platforms and 40 closed wagons. They are reliable PCN members representing Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

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