Delta Maritime Handle Logistics for Thermal Power Plant Project

Since March 2021, Delta Maritime (members in Greece) have handled the logistics for a Thermal Power Plant under construction in Agios Nikolaos, Viotia.

Their customer, a major global EPC in oil and gas, entrusted Delta Maritime to contribute to the complex logistics requirements during the peak of the construction and during the known volatile ocean freight market from the Far East, Indian sub-continent, and the USA.

The undertaking involved a large scale of cross-continental shipments and special handling of cargo, combining sea and road transportation simultaneously for different types of modules and equipment for the plant.

Delta Maritime comment; “Due to Covid restrictions and the repercussions on global trade, we were challenged to overcome the lack of availability of ships’ tonnage and adequate equipment for the cargo, while at the same time obtain the shortest transit times as well as minimising overall costs.”

There are more than 7 different thermal power plants scheduled to start construction from the end of 2021 in Southeast Europe!”

“For this project, like many others, we managed to ensure the best possible outcome for our client, always striving to adapt and excel in all circumstances.”

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