EXG Partner with Kamor Logistics in Shipment from Israel to India

Express Global Logistics are pleased to report on shipment they recently completed with the aid of fellow network member Kamor Logistics.

Kamor Logistics were approached by Express Global Logistics who asked them to assist with the local operations in Israel, relating to a shipment for one of EXG’s clients who is building a water-desalination plant in India, sourcing the components from a leading Israeli producer.

The cargo included various components for the desalination facility. This was transported using 4 x 40’ OOG FR & 3 x 40’ HC containers.

Kamor helped EXG in streamlining the local services, and assured that the documentation was arranged in an orderly fashion. They also made sure the cargo was swiftly loaded and adequately secured before all containers were brought to the carrier’s local depot.

“Kamor were pleased to work with EXG, and hope to more opportunities in the future, relying on the mutual PCN affiliation and on its proven record of successful conduct.”

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