An Interview with Wilson from Double Star Logistics

Double Star Logistics are long-standing members in Brazil and have been with the PCN family since December 2010.

Double Star Logistics boast solid experience in project cargo and heavy lift shipments and their specialist team have developed state-of-the-art logistic solutions, individual management control and follow up systems to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

The following is an interview with Managing Director, Wilson Braun.

1. When was your company established?

“Double Star Logistics was founded in April of 1998.”

2. When did you first (personally) get into the freight industry?

“My first experience with the industry came in March, 1974.”

3. Is your business mainly import or export?

“We handle both imports and exports.”

4. Do you specialise in a specific area or type of movement?

“As a veteran freight forwarder, we handle all kinds of movements comfortably.”

5. What are the current trends that you see in transportation?

“Currently, I see continuous growth and hope to be a part of that.”

6. What is your favourite film/series?

“My favourites are the Star Wars film series.”

7. If you could travel anywhere, where would you go and why?

“I would love to travel to the Caribbean Islands.”

8. What is a skill you’d like to learn and why?

“I am interested in new data technologies and what these innovations can mean for our industry.”

We kindly thank Wilson for his thoughtful answers and his time.

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