JSL Global Handle Telescopic Suction Pipe from Bahrain to Qatar

JSL Global are pleased to report on the successful delivery of a telescopic suction pipe which required meticulous planning & coordination.

With dimensions of 21.0 (L) x 2.05 (W) x 2.40 (H) meters and a weight of 10,614 kg, the cargo posed challenges due to its size and weight, necessitating special equipment and careful handling.

The project involved transporting the cargo from Bahrain to Doha, Qatarvia Saudi Arabia, by road freight.

This was actioned for a prominent alumina refinery company in Doha, located in one of the industrial cities in Qatar. The cargo was vital for their plant operations, demanding adherence to strict timelines.

Specialised trailers – including a long trailer of twenty-two meters for cross-country shipment – were utilised, followed by another long trailer for in-country movement to the client’s site.

Challenges arose during the transportation process, notably obtaining permits for the Bahrain Causeway and undergoing X-ray scanning at the KSA border due to the cargo’s length.

To meet the client’s time-sensitive requirements, thorough planning was essential. Gate passesescort approvals, and cross-loading plans were arranged precisely to ensure seamless movement and adherence to deadlines.

“Despite the logistical hurdles, collaborative efforts and strategic planning ensured the successful delivery of the Telescopic Suction Pipe, demonstrating our commitment to meeting client needs under challenging circumstances.”

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