Livo Logistics are Specialists in Complex Multimodal Projects

Livo Logistics are new members in Italy! The company will be well-known to our current membership as they have been members in the Czech Republic and Albania since 2017. Their Italian offices are located in Livorno and Milan and their management team has decades of experience in project cargo transportation.

“Every project is developed and executed with special attention and we serve a wide variety of industries including power generation & renewable energy, oil & gas, construction, mining, agriculture, food processing, rolling stock, transportation equipment, chemical & petrochemical and explosive material. We will always search for the best economical and technical options and our many years of experience have provided the knowledge to understand the specific logistics needs each project.”

“With tailor-made solutions, handling complex multimodal projects and connecting the dots is our speciality.”

Please see the following video from Livo Logistics showing a challenging multimodal transportation project of 10 oversized beer tanks, each measuring 25m in length and 8m in diameter with a weight of 45tn.

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