Modjo Port Project by ScanProTrans & Freight in Time

ScanProTrans are pleased to share a complicated project from Sweden to Ethiopia handled with fellow PCN member, Freight in Time (FIT).

The project involved 10 units of full container reach stackers, 7 units of empty container reach stackers and 3 units of heavy forklift trucks (25-28tn capacity). All the machines were more or less dismantled with the heaviest pieces at 70tn down to the smallest at 34tn. In total, 55 flat-racks and containers were used as well as 20 units of out-of-gauge flat-racks loaded with the main bodies.

Managing Director at ScanProTrans, Attila Vass explains; “We started this project in 2018 with Konecranes by quoting them transportation for port and industrial handling equipment from Sweden to Modjo Port in Ethiopia via Djibouti. As the financer was the World Bank, it took 2 years, but finally it was time for execution!

After long and very precise discussions with FIT, Konecranes and the shipping line, CMA-CGM, we agreed to ship the lot in 3 batches so FIT were able to execute the onward transportation of one batch before the second arrived as we managed to negotiate 21 days free time in Djibouti Port. The cargo was received and loaded by MIMAB, who are ScanProTrans owners and the only privately owned terminal inside Gothenburg Port.

The works in Sweden and the CMA-CGM transportation to Djibouti went smoothly and without delay. In Djibouti, we faced some problems as the documentation was not completely arranged so all the cargo was stuck for longer than expected but with the support of all involved, the issue was quickly solved. Finally, with a few minor incidents, all the 55 flat-racks and containers along with the 20 machine main bodies were delivered to Modjo to everyone’s satisfaction.

This was a rather complicated project with a huge crowd of people involved all depending on each other’s dedication, but thanks to the professionalism of all parties, the project was successfully finalised.”

“We are very grateful for being part of PCN as projects like this would not be possible for us to accept without the reliable and supportive partners of the network.”

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