OLA Groups Arrange Shipping of 36 Concrete Mixer Trucks

OLA Groups Logistics have arranged the shipping of 36 x 40′ flatracks each holding a concrete mixer truck. The shipment had a gross weight of 504tns and total volume of 4,061cbm.

Each of the 36 trucks weighed 14tns and measured 10.50 x 2.70 x 3.98m. Lane Zhu at OLA comments; “The trucks were moved from Shenzhen Port to Karachi in Pakistan and the big problem for the shipment was a space problem. However, due to our good relationship with the carrier, they managed to support their space to us. Also, since an L/C was involved, the time given to load the containers was very limited, but our warehouse team overcame hot weather and heavy rain on the day and were able to safely load all the containers on time with professional lashing”.

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