OLA Groups Logistics Handle Breakbulk Service to Southeast Asia

OLA Groups Logistics are glad to share a recent breakbulk shipment they handled involving two Yankee Dryer units from Shanghai to Singapore & Surabaya.

The size of these dryers measured at 9.5 (L) x 6.0 (W) x 6.0 (H) meters with a gross weight of 17,000 kg per unit.

OLA Groups Logistics’ client informed them that they were operating under an urgent schedule and requested movement by a single vessel, though due to the weight of the cargo this proved an unlikely solution.

Thankfully, OLA knew of one heavy-lift vessel that had just departed from Qingdao, China. This vessel was travelling to the South-east, and so with the great effort from the carrier, the vessel was successfully called at Shanghai port to load OLA’s weighty cargo.

One of these units is destined for Singapore, the other is headed towards Surabaya.

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