Polaris Handle Transport of Huge Fish Tank in Dubai

Polaris Shipping Agencies (members in the UAE) have recently handled the successful project logistics of a huge fish tank for the prestigious new Royal Atlantis Hotel Project in Dubai.

The fish tank had dimensions of 7.90 x 6.90 x 4.60m with a weight of 68mt and was exported from Italy and safely delivered to the Royal Atlantis Project. Manager of Business Development & Client Relations at Polaris, Mr. Rajesh Damodaran comments; “Though we faced several challenges on the road including a tunnel with a maximum transport height of 5.10m, so our engineering team worked jointly with NAKHEEL (the authority managing the tunnel), Dubai Police and the Roads and Traffic Authorities (RTA) for a seamless operation using specific axles to ensure the height was well-controlled as per the tight specifications.”

As well as the transport, the scope of work handled by Polaris also covered necessary road adjustments, removal of street obstacles as required, road diversions as per the guidelines of RTA and NAKHEEL and once the fish tank had arrived at the construction site, it had to be carefully tilted from its original transport position and placed on specified rails which were around 12m from ground level.

Please see the full article for photos of the project expertly handled by Polaris Shipping Agencies.

“Polaris Shipping Agencies LLC has been in business since 1992 and is a leading agency and project logistics company in the United Arab Emirates offering diversified services to an established and global customer base. Polaris represents several reputed European heavy lift carriers as port agents in the Middle East and Persian Gulf ports, giving our customers the convenience of dealing with a single point of contact for their heavy lift project movements, complimented by support of our experienced project team offering dedicated account management and listening to each client’s needs and requirements.

If you would like to find out more about our services and work with us, please get in touch with our Business Development Manager, Mr. Rajesh Damodaran on + 971 4 883 2586 or email rajesh@polarisdubai.com.”

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