Topline Express Logistics Deliver Vacuum Tank

Topline Express Logistics, our members from China, recently arranged the urgent transportation of a 114-ton vacuum tank from China to the Caribbean.

The cargo was measured at dimensions of 27.32 (L) x 5.55 (W) x 5.10 (H) meters.

Within 3 days of receiving the ocean carrier’s notification of space availability on the 31st of October, TEL completed all tasks including contacting the shipper for packing arrangement: booking of truck, cranes, barge, docks for barge loading and preparation of export procedures.

The transportation challenges they faced during this operation were caused by road construction, as well as the limited space on the dock for barge loading and the short cut-off time for the ocean vessel. TEL raced against time and accomplished the mission of exporting this shipment swiftly!

“Thanks for the support and close cooperation of our partners participating in this operation. We are also proud of our team for their high efficiency!”

Please click here to view the full article on our official website.

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