TransOcean Hungary Handle ‘Choke & Kill Hose’ to Vietnam

TransOcean Shipping have efficiently handled a ‘choke and kill hose’ (used in offshore applications) exported from Hungary to Vung Tau in Vietnam.

The cargo was loaded in a 20’OTOP. Gábor Illés at TransOcean comments; “The handling was executed without issue. We ensured the cargo was well packed and the only problem was the height which is why we needed an OTOP. Loading into the OTOP also had to take place at the port as there was no way to move the loaded cargo from the shipper’s facility in Hungary due to regulations. Our toughest challenge was to secure the necessary equipment but that is due to the current general carrier related problem.”

Another successfully handled shipment from TransOcean Shipping!

TransOcean Shipping have been PCN members since 2014 in Croatia, Hungary, Serbia and Slovenia.

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