Two Project Shipments from the Konya Team at Origin Logistics

The Konya team at Origin Logistics (members in Turkey) have just efficiently completed two project shipments in a week.

The first shipment of a clinker was safely loaded at the factory in Konya City and transported to Mersin Port on a special low-bed for shipping to Algiers in Algeria on a flat-rack. The clinker has dimensions of 5.75 x 4.25 x 4.40m and a weight of 33,000kg.

The second shipment involved a chartered slot on a breakbulk vessel carrying 12 x silobus which were smoothly loaded on board (pictured above). Each silobus has dimensions of 11.50 x 2.55 x 4.10m.

For both shipments, the lashing, securing, dunnaging and crane work was handled by the experienced Origin Logistics Konya team and their suppliers. Their Konya branch manager was also on field to supervise the entire operations for both shipments.

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