Wilhelmsen UAE Handle Static Shipments via RORO

Wilhelmsen Ships Service UAE are pleased to report two recent static shipments via RORO.

  • Oilfield Equipment from Carrara in Italy to Jebel Ali, UAE:
    4 Pieces at 1,507cbm / 358mt
  • Steel Structures from Jebel Ali to Freeport TX, USA:
    24 Pieces at 642cbm / 96mt

Both shipments were handled with Wilhelmsen’s usual expertise in arranging suitable sea freight on a port-to-port basis.

“When looking for solutions to ship specialised cargo, RORO vessels provide a safe and efficient means of transport whilst maintaining predictable timeframes for delivery. We are looking forward to assisting others with similar needs – please contact oceandesk@wilhelmsen.com.”

Please click here to view the full article on our official website.


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