WSS UAE Handles Transportation of Precast Concrete Pontoons

The project team at Wilhelmsen Ships Service in the UAE have handled the transportation of precast concrete pontoons for the development of two marinas at the Deira Island Project in Dubai.

The shipment consisted of a total of 350 precast concrete pontoons in 15 different sizes. The largest had dimensions of 19.9 x 5.0 x 1.4m (61mt) and the smallest at 9.0 x 1.0 x 1.2m (5.95mt).

The job began in January and was completed in June with a average daily movement of 3 pontoons per day. A total of 283 truck trips were completed for the total transfer of the pontoons. The largest 5m-wide pontoons were moved on 12 and 10 axel modular trailers.

The scope of work handled by WSS included:

  • Survey of the different sizes & weights of the pontoons at the fabrication yard.
  • Survey of the route from the fabrication yard to the marina area & identified changes to be made to the route.
  • Selected the different type of trailers required for each type of pontoon.
  • Submitted reports & initiated approvals from authorities for the movement of the 5m-wide pontoons & the removal of sign boards on the route.
  • Deployed loading, offloading & escort teams for the different type of pontoon movements.
  • Daily coordination with the loading site, transport & escort teams, offloading site and HSE teams to ensure a smooth movement.

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