Afriguide Logistics Deliver CAT Trucks from Durban to Ehoala

Afriguide Logistics were recently involved with the transport of CAT dump trucks from Durban to EhoalaMadagascar.

With the demise of BBK Liner services and chaos with RO/RO liner schedules, finding ocean transport solutions for out-of-gauge cargo has become a constant challenge.

“More and more, we find ourselves forced to turn to flat racks as the only option to move out-of-gauge cargo.”

Whilst flat racks are a perfectly good solution for many cargoes that refuse to ‘fit inside the box’, the dimensions and handling complexities of some cargo push the boundaries of what is feasible for a flat rack shipment.

Four CAT 745 dump trucks were recently tasked to Afriguide Logistics with transport from Durban to Ehoala, Madagascar.

With no availability for a RO/RO shipment due to a lack of service in the region, flat racks were used as their only option.

“We have shipped many ADT’s on flat racks in the past, but the CAT 745 is right at the maximum limit of what can fit on a 40’FR – at least with the headboards up.”

The solution chosen was to support the truck entirely, using dunnage in the form of ‘mine boxes‘, in both the forward & aft sections of the chassis.

This negated the potential for developing slack through the lashing due to loss of air in the tyres.

“At Afriguide Logistics, we have become accustomed to finding a solution for these awkward parcels and making them work safely for shipping, as we have in this case.”

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