BATI with Urgent Shipment of 27 Range Rovers

BATI Shipping & Trading have recently completed another successful project, this time the urgent stuffing, lashing and shipping of 27 Vogue Range Rover SUVs from Gemlik in Turkey to Jebel Ali, UAE.

Mr. Kaan Aydin, Business Development Manager at BATI, states; “Our Bursa office is very much interested in such challenging and big shipments as this one. The biggest challenge here was not the cargo itself but the urgency and quantity of vehicles. However, we managed to successfully load the 27 Range Rovers into 27 TEUs in the short time given to the satisfaction of our client. These are the jobs that I admire!”

BATI Shipping & Trading have been valued PCN members in Turkey since 2015.

Please click here to view the full article on our official website.

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