M-Star Handles Classic Cars for Rally in Georgia

M-Star Freight Services have handled some classic pre-war old cars for a 14-day rally in Georgia called ‘Peaks of the Caucasus’. The ‘old-timer’ classic cars, including Bugatti, Bentley, Lagonda, Marmon, Lancia, Chrysler, Alvis, Invicta and Vauxhall, were delivered from all over Europe and consolidated at the M-Star warehouse in Antwerp.

With extra care, service and attention, the classic cars were loaded, lashed and secured into containers for the shipment to Poti in Georgia and delivery to the appointed warehouse in the capital of Tbilisi. On arrival, M-Star safely unloaded and stored the cars where the participants were reunited with their prize possessions, fully ready to start the 14-day rally through Georgia.

Preparations for the rally started over a year ago, with 20 participants of 9 different nationalities, registering 20 extraordinary classic cars – the oldest one dates back to 1925.

As well as handling the cars and customs arrangements, M-Star’s office in Georgia also fully assisted the organisers by helping to establish the rally route and choose the best en-route hotel accommodation, restaurants, escorts, guard services and transfers.

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