Best Global Logistics Report Large Movements for LNG Projects

The project logistics department at Best Global Logistics Norway have had a busy start to 2021 with multiple large movements in the Far East for various LNG projects.

Reidar Evensen explains; “Our most notable projects so far in 2021 are two giant shipments performed in January and February. Both shipments were facing major challenges due to Covid-19, the chaotic shipping market, Lunar New Year, technical requirements and very short time windows. However, these exact type of challenges are the reasons why Best Global Logistics Norway were chosen to partner the project by the client as they needed expertise and dedication they could fully rely on.

“A 500tn Regas Module and a 900tn Power Module were both delivered from China to Singapore successfully and in record time. The latter 900tn shipment stood out with a massive height of 34m and with a total shipment volume of nearly 15,000rt.”

The following video shows a great time-lapse of the operations.

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