C.H. Robinson Project Logistics Carefully Handle 18 Air Coolers

A long-time customer of C.H. Robinson Project Logistics needed to transport 18 air coolers from Oklahoma to the Port of Houston and onto ocean vessels bound for the Middle East. Not only did the project call for customs brokerage and trade compliance experts, but also knowledgeable project logistics specialists to arrange the safe transport of the units on road and across the ocean. Having successfully worked with the professionals at C.H. Robinson in the past, they once again reached out to the team.

C.H. Robinson’s team of experts were able to carefully prepare the necessary paperwork and ensure all details were accurately provided to avoid any hold-ups in customs. The air coolers, which measure 12.0 x 5.4 x 4.3m and weigh 22.2mtn each, then began their transportation journey to the Port of Houston. However, the original route provided by the Department of Transport (DOT) was too narrow for the oversized coolers. To resolve this issue, the C.H. Robinson team connected with their contract carrier and the Texas DOT to devise a new route in order to protect the cargo.

Once at the port, the team determined the units would benefit from different packaging in order to ensure the protection of the units while on the water. After getting approval from the customer, C.H. Robinson quickly arranged the improved packaging prior to the coolers being loaded onto the vessels. The original plan included the loading of two air coolers per ocean vessel but the C.H. Robinson team knew that if they could increase this number, it would help the project’s lead time and cut down on costs for their customer. Through their connections and scale, they were able to coordinate with the suppliers and ocean carriers to increase the number of air coolers per vessel and as expected, this new arrangement resulted in all the coolers arriving at their destination earlier than originally planned, much to the delight of the customer and the satisfaction of the team at C.H. Robinson.

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