C.H. Robinson Show Diligence & Excellent Customer Service in Cross-Border Shipment

C.H. Robinson Project Logistics have recently completed a successful cross-border shipment showing their diligence and excellent customer services.

Randy Roth, Senior Sales Representative at C.H. Robinson, explains; “It’s not easy to move a 38.6mtn generator unit inland from St. Augustine in Florida to Atizapán de Zaragoza in Mexico, a journey of 1,828 miles. However, the project logistics team at C.H. Robinson recently worked with a client to complete the mission. The unit was disassembled and transported by a specialized trailer and three 53ft dry vans. Since the cargo had a value close to a million dollars, the company was focused on risk mitigation, particularly as carriers are not expected to carry cargo insurance in Mexico. Our client purchased our ‘All Risk Insurance’ coverage to manage their risk exposure.”

When there was a delay at the border because the receiver in Mexico, who was responsible for the customs clearance, did not have the proper paperwork in order, the C.H. Robinson project logistics team diligently brought all parties into the discussion and worked through the situation to help clear the freight.

The customer was very impressed with C.H. Robinson’s thorough communication as well as the quality of the equipment used to transport the freight and the professionalism of the driver.

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