Centauro and Europe Cargo work together for the Total Austral Refinery in Argentina

Centauro (PCN Member in Argentina) was nominated after participating in a competitive bidding process along with local and multinational freight forwarders. Centauro was honored by the client’s nomination due to their proven experience and involvement in the development of projects in Argentina and also managed to offer competitive prices based on the excellent negotiation of Europe Cargo (PCN Member in Belgium) in origin.

The shipment included 181 loose pieces coated steel pipes, OD 61 cms with lengths varying upto 12,05 meters and average weight of 2,158 mton, discharged ex trucks onto quay and stuffed into 21 x 40’ HC flatracks, destination Ushuaia, Argentina. Details of the shipment included:

  • Pipes were handled and approached by ppm reachstackers by 4 x chains with hooks into 4 x nylon belts.
  • Pipes were coated with rubber all over and protected by caps at both ends.
  • Corners of the flactracks were supported by double timber and wooden blocks, properly heat treated, fumigated, stamped and certified, as required for destination Argentina.
  • Onto the wooden container floor, 3 x 10 x 10 cms heat treated timber was spread out over the full width, on top and down rubber protection was nailed.
  • 3 pipes each time was slowly loaded in between the upright flat supports.
  • In between each layer, again ht timber and rubber protection.
  • Total loading time per flat took ½ hour.
  • Nylon belts swl 5 mts was used for lashing and securing.
  • 4 Pipes were double lashed 4 x times on the flat itself so 8 x lashings and fore and aft pipes were lashed together in bundle.
  • Each flat was lashed with a factor of 4 x times (80 mtons).
  • Total lashing time : ½ hr per flatrack.
  • About 110 meters of lashing belts 5 mts swl was used/flat.

Julieta Moroni, Commercial Manager at Centauro said “Stuffing concluded successfully!!!! The time we had was very short, the client was really very satisfied with the job done. All flatracks were moved to weighbridge for VGM certification and then have been safely loaded last January 7th. with an expected arrival at Ushuaia on February 24th.”

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