‘Impossible isn’t BBL’ say our New French Member

Groupe BBL are new members in France. The company are over 20 years old with a network of offices across the country and come recommended by several current PCN members.

“As a long-standing specialist in freight transport and projects, BBL has been steadily growing since 1997. Having built a multiple-brand corporation, BBL Group is active in all supply chain industry solutions today. Unequalled know-how and extensive experience means our company is a master of arts in tailor-made solutions within the transport industry.

Our specialised expertise is to manage logistics for industrial projects and the transport of heavy and/or oversized loads. Offering customised, door-to-door solutions for each project as well as preliminary assessments, handling, storage, customs formalities and insurance.”

“Napoleon said ‘Impossible isn’t French’ and we say ‘Impossible isn’t BBL’!”

A recent project transported by BBL was a milk factory from the Nantes region of France to Belgium. Photographed above is 1 of a total of 15 OOG pieces for the project, measuring 1700 x 452 x 431cm and weighing 18tn.

Please click here to view the full article on our official website.


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