Integral Chile Presents their National Transportation Service

Integral Chile, with almost 29 years of experience in the world of logistics and transportation, are delighted to present their national transportation service.

“Our company has great prestige among our clients and partners, providing logistics services throughout Chile in important industrial sectors. We transport cargo between north and south daily, with a great team that makes deliveries possible in the shortest possible time. During the 2020 period of confinement in various cities, especially Santiago and Antofagasta where the center of our operations are, we have adapted to continue providing the excellent service that our customers and partners value, putting maximum effort into supplying our country.”

“Today we are very happy and proud to introduce you to our national transportation service as we are improving our fleet of vehicles and also incorporating new models to be able to transport a greater variety of loads, especially in size. Thereby, we offer all our experience in international maritime and air cargo as well as our national transport service.”

Please click here to view the full article on our official website.

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