Megalift Handle Exports to Egypt for Assiut Hydrocracking Project

Megalift, our members from Malaysia, have reported the movement of 50 packages, fabricated by two of their clients to be shipped by sea from Port Klang to Egypt.

Megalift’s clients were supplying for an oil & gas project in Egypt, with the main cargo comprising of a purge gas drum, pressure vessels, platforms and tanks of various sizes.

A majority of the cargo was transported directly from the fabrication yard to the port. The largest unit of which being the purge gas drum, which was rolled onto a barge for a double banking loading operation alongside the mother vessel.

Whilst the route from the fabrication yard to the port was straightforward, the arrangements for the barging were not as smooth. It was a very rainy season in Malaysia with heavy downpour almost every day.

Megalift’s team had difficulty setting up and positioning the barge against the jetty of the fabrication yard. The harsh currents of the river required two tug boats to assist in turning the barge to its Mediterranean mooring position, and to moor to the bollard.

“We were afraid the delays in rolling-in and barging would affect the loading into the mother vessel. Our team ensured timely coordination between the shipping agent and barging team for the cargo to berth alongside the mother vessel in Port Klang.”

Thankfully, the weather brightened up a little for the RO/RO operation, and the barge arrived in-time for the double banking.

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