Origin Logistics with Difficult Loading of Circuit Breaker

The Mersin team at Origin Logistics in Turkey have recently transported a circuit breaker which was picked up and loaded from inside a power plant in Antalya which made the process very restrictive and dangerous with a small area to work in but their experienced team handled the delicate and sensitive work perfectly, securely and on time.

Mr. Metin Elmas at Origin Logistics explains; “The hardest part was getting the circuit breaker out to a suitable place to do the crating, lashing and protecting and load it inside an open-top container with a crane. The power plant was very small and the ceiling was very low. After that, the cargo was loaded onto a special low-bed because the height was 1.35m and due to the winding roads, we had to use a special truck to increase the balance and road holding during the journey to Mersin Port.”

Another successful project handled with care by Origin Logistics!

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