Polaris Shipping Agencies Handle Rotor Shipment

The project division at Polaris Shipping Agencies (member in the UAE) have continued to handle several notable project moves during the COVID-19 pandemic period including the shipment of a rotor from the supplier in the UAE to Turkey for a final delivery in Azerbaijan.

The Unit M701F Rotor was successfully and safely shipped and is part of a larger contract for Polaris to handle 6 rotors to several destinations. Manager of Business Development & Client Relations at Polaris, Rajesh Damodaran comments; “Due to the time sensitive nature of the shipment and our close relation with CMA-CGM, we were able to secure space on one of their regular container vessels with fixed sailing dates to meet the deadline for arrival in Turkey. The rotor was promptly received by our partners on arrival at Port Iskenderun on nominated heavy duty axles and further delivered by road to the final destination.”

Please click here for a short video of the operations.

“The project team at Polaris Shipping Agencies are working full time, even during the pandemic period, to keep customer satisfaction at the highest levels with our professional services.”

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