EZ Link Handle Heavy Machinery from Taiwan to Bilbao in Spain

EZ Link, our Members in Taiwan, successfully handled a shipment of heavy-weight machinery cargo from Kaohsiung Port in Taiwan to Bilbao Port in Spain.

The cargo was transported via heavy lift vessel – see below for details on dimensions and weight:

Cargo Length (m) Width (m) Height (m) Weight (kg)
Main Body 9.06 4.58 3.88 110,000
Accessory 1 5.82 2.50 2.55 3,600
Accessory 2 4.92 3.93 3.25 10,700

Due to their client being unable to get a suitable service for their heavy cargo since April ’22, EZ Link provided the client with a solution by offering the most appropriate schedule to move their shipment via heavy lift vessel on-time.

EZ Link contacted several heavy lift carriers and then chose the best one to meet the requests of the client.

“Once again, the clients in Spain/Taiwan are quite satisfied with EZ Link Taiwan’s ‘Timely and Reliable service’.”

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